IC - Copyright International
IC - Copyright International

International copyright enterprise services limited.

Established on 11 April 2006, in the context of the newly promulgated intellectual property law, seeing the potential in intellectual property as well as the difficulty of content industry, IC decided to develop towards content search and exploitation with the purpose of bringing copyrighted content to become the centre of the content economy of Vietnam. There are some main business lines of IC on the early of the content Vietnamese business such as:

– Composing, art, entertainment (not worked at the headquarters)

– Releasing films, movie videos, and television programs. For further details, releasing films, movie videos, video tape, DVDs or similar products for the film stage.

– Other unclassified business support activities: Copyright service

In 2016, IC took another step towards the comics market under the content industry by being strategic partner of Phan Thi, Ltd.’s. Parties built and developed comic projects named “Kid Lawyer” – the first criminal, detective comic book of Vietnam.

In the early of 2017, IC welcomed a new CEO – Phan Hồng Minh, was a founder of the famous and successful startup company in Vietnam, jupviec.vn. With his significant skills and experience, Mr. Phan Hong Minh has undertaken efficient business strategies in order to facilitate the IC’s development in exploiting content on digital platform.

In the beginning of 2018, IC pursued the search and development of content from Korea. In the mean time, IC signed memorandum with some Korea companies to delegate them to exploit the content in Vietnam.

In the end of 2018, IC welcomed a new strategic partner – Phan Law Vietnam. As a major shareholder, that Phan Law Vietnam has effectively provided legal advices on intellectual property law strongly facilitates IC in developing its business and service.

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More than ten years of experience in content field, IC could be not only aware of the problems in content exploitation industry in order to protect the content from copyright infringement effectively but also know how to exploit the content copyrights efficiently. In addition, one of the most difficult matter for investors is to understand business practices regarding online copyrighted content in Vietnam. Choosing IC, our clients will definitely be assured that all of matters above shall be resolved.


More than ten years of experience as legal counsel on intellectual property and handling copyright infringements, Phan Law Vietnam, a member of IC, is leading to deal with online copyright infringement in Vietnam. IC believes that IC’s content would be strongly and frequently protected.( Profile Phan Law online )


Technology Business Trends

IC has been managed by Ceo Phan Hong Minh who emerged from tech starup, so IC could dominate the market to build an effective business strategy.

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Webtoon List by TORYCOMS


Webtoon List by TORYCOMS


Webtoon List by TORYCOMS


dịch vụ đăng ký bản quyền
dịch vụ đăng ký bản quyền

Phan Hong Minh


Sharing of CEO Phan Hong Minh:

The most vivid embodiment of a nation’s culture is the works created by its citizens. IC focuses on exploiting the content which includes copyright and invests the work such as music,movies,comic strip, and community from all over the world with the purpose of enriching and diversifying culture in Vietnam on copyrights and law abiding.

Moreover, IC realizes that it is only possilbe to promote and inspire young artists by investing and exploiting the content rights properly. Their talents only shine until their work is judged to be right.




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